Tuesday, 11 May 2010

In Search Of The Holy Grail

I am trying to find a replacement skirt should anything happen to my beloved blue denim one from Marks and Spencer.
I saw this one in Matalan but I'm not too sure.
The waist is too hight and the length a little short.
The fabric isn't nearly so good.

Today I wore:

Boots - Clarks
Skirt - Matalan
Shirt - Boden


  1. There's a similar one in the sale on the Esprit website: http://www.esprit.co.uk/?LKZ=GB. I can't seem to link to it, but click on "Women", "Skirts", "Sale", "Single Pieces" and it's there at the bottom, on a model with a Breton Shirt and black boots.

  2. Great skirt!

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  3. I quite like the Matalan one as well, it has a nice embroidered hem. I know what you mean, though, it is very difficult to find a proper replacement for favourite pieces!

  4. I love the tie waist on this skirt as well as the hem. But I understand how hard it is to replace a favorite piece - this is just a great substitute :)

  5. This one is nice but somehow doesn't quite replace the other. Maybe it is the detail at waist/hem that gets in the way for me.


  6. This is not bad, Jane, but I think the M&S one is nicer. Maybe it's just because of the bow, I don't know. Ciao. A.

  7. Anonymous - I can't see the skir tbut I love the website. I will be back.
    Janet - I will be along shortly.
    Biba - you are so king
    Eek - yes it is so hard to ever think of losing this skirt.
    Darla - I think you are spot on.
    Antonella - I agree totally.

  8. i think it's cure although i personally prefer the other one...

  9. Too bad it's not a perfect replacement... the trim along the bottom is so pretty. I really sympathize with you, Jane. I can obsess for years over trying to find perfect replacements for favorite pieces. I often find that with all the time and energy spent on such a search, I could have just made a relacement myself or commissioned the making of one!

  10. Trying again to post a link: http://pics.esprit.de/Shop/PicProductCSOutfit/A21289_968.jpg
    You can find it by typing "denim skirt" in the search box.

  11. Funny, I was just thinking last night that I need a new denim skirt. Good luck finding yours!

  12. If you love it so much you should get one made to the same style. There's a place near us which is just fantastic, and so reasonably priced.

  13. I love the length, though! You look so country chic here.


  14. Some things are so hard to replace!
    I do like the new skirt though, the detailing on the hemline is lovely.

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