Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Channelling My Inner Alexa

Today I am channelling my inner Alexa Chung.
I love her style but as she has so much more going for her than me - young, thin, tall (her); old, short, curvy (me) - I know that I am not going to suit most of what she wears.
However, I was in Gap the other day and saw these boys t-shirts on sale for £2.99.
I decided to go for her mannish t-shirt look when I should really only wear fitted.
I came home, snipped the neckline which was too high, and gave it a go.
I am pretty pleased with the results.
I also picked up this linen skirt from the bargain rale at Gap too for £9.99.
The sun is shining and I am late for work so I will have to love you and leave you.
Have a great day.

Today I wore:

Boots - Tesco
Skirt and t-shirt - Gap
Necklace - Primark


  1. Fabulous look! Love the summer boots!

  2. Cannot believe this is a boy tee! Looks great on you together with the skirt. Ciao! A.

  3. Love that shirt on you - great find and adaptation.

  4. Have to love the strips. Looks so fresh and spring/summer like.


  5. Old? No! Petite? Yes ! Curvy? - Count your blessings - Yes!