Monday, 27 July 2009

Copy Cat Week

This week I am taking inspiration from all you style bloggers out there.
In other words - I'm being a copycat - although they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
First off it's Kasmira.
I decided to start with Kasmira as there wouldn't be a blog without her.
I set one up after becoming fascinated by the idea of blogging what you wear.
Here is the vest or waistcoat over a sleeveless top.
This is a bit confusing as in the UK a vest is a sleeveless top.
Anyway - the vest or top I chose was the one from Isabella Oliver.
It started off white but as I mixed the wash and turned it a grey I dyed it.
The top comes with a detachable hood/scarf which means you can wear it as a shrug if the weather cools down.


  1. I must say, you do look good in red ; )

  2. I love your new blog!!!! I must say I was mourning the loss of your old one, but I like the direction your heading right now. Let me add you to my blog roll real quick!

  3. I like your combination of the sleeveless top and waistcoat. Love the colour of the top as well. I only experimented dying clothes once long time ago and I made a mess of my mother's washing machine!!! Ciao. A.

  4. i like this cute and casual look. i'm going to go update my links. btw, u're my hero for completing your challenge :-D

  5. i love love pink. great outfit. : ) btw, i have a shoe giveaway, come join us!

  6. I updated my bloglist to here ;)

    That vest/waistcoat is a wonderful accent piece!

  7. Hi there-a cute look my dear!!Its funny about the vest/waistcoat thing, I still can't call trousers pants though, LOL!!

  8. Great look. I think this a good color for you and I love the vest.

  9. Gorgeous! I'm a big fan of waistcoats. I like how you've still made the look your own even though you're inspired by other bloggers.