Friday, 24 July 2009

Buy Buy Buy!

The most oft-asked question during my year-long wardrobe spending freeze was: "Will you go mad when it's over."
Honestly, I hadn't intended to.
My son had asked me to visit our local town to buy some sporting goods.
Unfortunately, the shop had closed down.
But I had paid 60p to park for an hour and didn't want to waste the money.
As I passed Clarks I noticed there was a sale on.
And next door was Principles with a massive 70% sale on.
And yes, I bought.
Here is the evidence.
In my defence I would like to say these are investments.
1. A pink dress that fitted perfectly and I will wear it for Seth's christening and Christmas Day (with black tights). It is silk and was reduced from £99.00 to £20.00.
2. This flirty striped skirt will be a favourite. Marked down from £35.00 to £15.00.
3. These patent leather shoes from Clarks in my favourite winter colour will be worn to death and with a £20.00 reduction how could I resist?
4. This matching patent leather purple purse will be used every day and reduced from £24.99 to £7.49 what's not to like?
I rest my case!


  1. Gosh- you went a year without purchasing, and you won't even give yourself some leeway? Think of this as a reward! As long as you don't go back to previous practices, I don't think this was wrong! Super on sale, all things that fit and you love, and NOT impulse purchases you will regret later. Plus, your wardrobe at the beginning of the ban was HUGE and your wardrobe now is very appropriate!

    BTW- love the skirt and shoes ;)

  2. Yay - we love a bargain. Excellent investment imo, Hx

  3. I so don't blame you! Great buys too - do you think you'll be more circumspect about what you buy now?

  4. Are you going to try to stick to the eBay selling to purchase new things or just have the odd splurge now and again?

  5. sounds like smart shopping to me!

  6. It was fate! And they were all bargains too, well done!

  7. They were all great deals and justifiable too! I'm loving that skirt!

  8. I think you done good. Only four things? Sheesh! The skirt is so awesome.

  9. You showed great restraint as far as I am concerned. I can't decide if I love the bag more or the pink dress more.

  10. You did some very good shopping.
    The good thing is tht after a year now you know what looks good and what works for you,so whenever you buy you buy wisely.

  11. Hi there-I think you thoroughly deserve these lovely purchases, especailly when you are determined to wear them for events and regular wear too, well done indeed!

  12. Oh you soooo deserve these (and more), and they are adorable and practical -- you're right, what's not to like?

    Happy for you :)

  13. You were due. I love all of the items!

  14. Nice purchases! It must feel fun to be able to shop freely but know that you have the discipline to really buy what will last in your closet. I love your purple Clarks.

  15. Good on you! You deserved it after your full year challenge! I'm sure most people would have rushed out and purchased on the very first day of the new year, so it's impressive you waited a bit!