Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Birthday Ben

Happy Birthday to my baby boy, Ben.
He spent the first four days of his life in the Special Care Baby Unit as I was suffering from flu when he was born and he caught it too.
Ben was born on a Thursday morning and when he was three days old I walked into the SCBU to feed him by tube when I saw this Mother's Day card on top of the incubator.

Inside the nurses had taped this photograph.

His birthday usually falls around Mother's Day but this year it is on the same day.
As he was so poorly when he was born it always reminds me how lucky I am to be a mother.


  1. Happy Birthday to Ben! And congratulations to you.
    I am sure Ben still knows that he has a special Mum. So hard warming the memories of his first days!
    Sabine xxx

  2. And a fine mother you are too, Jane!


  3. Happy Birthday to Ben and Happy Mother's Day to you. My youngest dtr. was born on Mother's Day (happens in May here in the U.S.). She always tells me I don't need a card or present from her, that she's the best Mother's Day present I could ever have. Might be true.


  4. Choked me right up! Lovely post, Happy Birthday Ben xx

  5. What a lovely gesture from the nurses. My youngest was in Intensive Care for a while when she was born too, so I know what a difficult time it is for a family. Happy Birthday to Ben. xxx

  6. Aw, what a beautiful gesture from the nurses!
    How wonderful that he is a year older today.
    Hugs to the proud mom.