Thursday, 5 December 2013

Thumbs Up For Boden Customer Service

I love this Boden Loulou dress.
I have worn it many times since I bought it in May this year.
However, when I took it off last night I noticed that the hem on the skirt and sleeve had come away.
I could have repaired it but when you spend £69 on a dress you expect it to wear well.

So today I phoned and explained the situation.
Immediately, I was offered a full refund or a replacement.
As I love the dress I opted for a replacement.

But that it not all.
The customer service adviser I spoke to informed me the dress had been reduced by over £20 and my account would be credited with the difference.

 Tonight I got an email to say my parcel was on the way.
Can you believe it?

All that goodwill put me in the Christmas mood and prompted me to put up my office Christmas Tree.

Thank You Boden.


  1. Thumbs up? I say they get a whole high five, LOL! I've never heard of such great customer service. No wonder you seem to be a loyal customer. If that happened to me I'd be ready to put up a tree and spread a little cheer too.


  2. That sounds like great service, mind you, if I paid almost £70 on a dress I'd expect Brad Pitt to deliver it in his underpants! Hope you're feeling better! x

  3. Bonus, well done you. More retailers should take a leaf out of Bodens book with their customer services xx

  4. Yes, that is good service. I have to say I find Boden over-priced for what it is. I bought my daughter 2 cardigans for school from them some years ago now, and paid way more than I normally would having been assured by friends that their stuff lasted and washed well, so I thought they could be passed on my other daughter too. Sadly the quality was very poor, the stitching around the neckline and cuffs came away and I had to mend them repeatedly. They were not in a fit state to hand down to my younger daughter, and I have never shopped with Boden since! I obviously should have rung them to complain... xxx

  5. Very good service and thank goodness they still had it, otherwise there might have been tears! x

  6. Excellent service(great frock too:-)!


  7. That is good service, now if only other retailer could take note.

    X x

  8. Oh wow, Jane - that's really good service - something unheard of here.
    I'd be happy too!! what a re you getting with the 20 left?