Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas Countdown

Just three more working days and I am off until 2014.
Next year sounds a lot longer than two weeks and two days.

I finally got the trees up.
This is the artificial one which we bought in 1999 and takes forever to put up.
I love the collection of baubles that date back to our first Christmas in our own home in 1988.
When the children were little we used to let them choose a bauble each at Christmas.
I have even got some home-made decorations that my children made at school.
The little blue heart with the red heart in the centre is one I made out of my dad's old shirts the first Christmas after his death.
My dad loved Christmas and seeing the decoration reminds me of his presence.

Here's a page from my 2005 Scrapbook documenting Advent when the children were 5, 8, 10 and 14.
Briony is making Mince Pies and helping her dad put up the tree, Sam and Paul return from the woods with the saddest little tree you have ever seen. Joe is making decorations and the four of them show off the decorations they bought that year.

This tree is the 2013  real one, the 'loo brush' tree as my husband calls it.
I always choose the saddest looking real tree, the one no-one else wants as I like to give it a good Christmas.
We keep this tree in the conservatory where it is cooler and lasts much longer.

I miss the magic of Christmases Past when the children were younger but I have to say they are much more peaceful now!

Today I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Dress - Boden
Shirt - Ghost


  1. Wow! you look awesome! nice trees, too!

  2. I miss the old Christmases too, they were fantastic when they were young.
    Great decorations xx

  3. Oh i always feel sorry for the trees that are left behind... i am glad to see what happens to some of them :)
    they're taken to good homes and given a nice Christmas.

  4. I love that you made a Xmas dec out of your Dad's shirts, that's such a lovely thing to do. Lovely dress and pretty tree! x

  5. Yes, being off 'for the rest of the year' does have an awfully nice sound to it! Enjoy your holiday!
    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Love your trip down memory lane & thoughts / reflections of loved ones(their spirit lives on in us:-)!


  7. Decorating for the holidays always brings back memories doesn't it? I think it is very special that you used your Dad's shirt to create an ornie.


  8. Very pretty trees and very sentimental too.

    X x

  9. It's lovely that you still use the decorations the children made and I would love to have two trees but am quite liking my artificial one x

  10. You look so pretty in this blue dress, it really suits you. I still put the decorations my girls made when they were little on the tree every year, it makes it more special. xx