Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Last (Daily) Post

A sad day today, after more than 150 years, The Liverpool Post or The Liverpool Daily Post, as it was called when I worked for it, is to close today.
I joined the sister paper, The Liverpool Echo, in 1992 where I was a news reporter and later, features writer until 2003, when I left to freelance.
I started writing for The Liverpool Daily Post in 2004 and wrote, features, columns and reviews until I moved into education in 2010.
The column below received the most feedback.
In December 2005 I was asked by the then editor, Jane Wolstenholme, (who now writes as the novelist, Jane Costello,) to write a column in response to Gee Walker's revelation that she forgave the killers of her son.
You can read the full text here.

Last night I joined fellow journalists at the Cross Keys in Liverpool, a backstreet pub where we held all our leaving parties and Christmas drinks during my time there.
It was a bittersweet evening, renewing old acquaintances and mourning the loss of our beloved paper.

RIP  The Liverpool Daily Post.

I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Dress - Allium B


  1. What a lovely blue dress. So sad when an old institution like this comes to end x

  2. Love the hue of blue in lovely frock(gorgeous on you, Jane:-)!

    Despite the parting of a local archive resource YOU are part of that fabric ie it's history & will cherish the memories.

  3. The end of an era, our Birmingham Post went the same way. Love that blue dress on you. x

  4. Ah, that's sad, end of an era indeed. Hope you had a good night with all your old colleagues, you look fab. xxx

  5. How sad.. At least you made some amazing friends along the way which in turn moulded you into you.

    And what a beautiful dress to say good bye in.

    X x

  6. So many newspapers have gone out of business. I'm glad you got together with previous co-workers to mark the end of the Post.


  7. that is very sad to hear! I hate to think of all these newspapers closing, that we could just abandon print like that. Wont we miss it terribly when it's gone?