Saturday, 10 March 2012

My Favourite Song Ever

The first time I heard this song was May 1978.
I was 12.
Thirty four years later it still remains my favourite song to this day.
Years after I first heard the song I met my husband to be.
I was 19 and in my first year at university.
He was a big Bruce Springsteen fan and had played Bruce singing it.
I know Bruce wrote it, but it is Patti's song and to me, it always will be.
The best compromise I can come to is the two of them singing it together.
This June we are off to see Bruce (yet again) in Manchester.
I have my fingers crossed that he will play the song.
If you had to choose only one song as your favourite, what would it be?


  1. I love that song! I actually first heard this sung by Natalie merchant, but the patti Smith one is my favourite!

  2. I LOVE that song! Easter is one of my favorite albums. Patti Smith is the best.

  3. It is a fabulous song, one of my favourites too ( I was 14 when it came out and LOVED it!)
    I was lucky enough to see her sing it at a street festival in Hoboken - I was in the States staying with friends, went along to the festival, didn't even know she was playing, and heard her sing it live! xxx