Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Five Year Flashback: Part One

As I missed my five year blog anniversary I have decided to pick out some flashback from the past five years.
Here's one from November 2009.

Remember the project I was working on a few weeks back?
I was tasked to lead three workshops to inspire a group of homeless youngesters to write about what life was like for them.
Last night the event was launched in the wind and rain.
Skelmersdale Library was turned inside out as the stories were beamed across the outside of the building.
It caused quite a stir and lots of comments from passers-by - which is exactly what the project was all about.
I loved it when a group of teenagers skated over when they saw "The Skate Park" and stood and read all about it!
It also gave me the shance to wear my other red jacket.
But before I went to Skelmersdale I led a PR Workshop in Skelmersdale advising a group of small
 business owners on how to do their own PR.

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