Monday, 23 June 2014

Happy Mondays

Thanks for all your good wishes. 
My first practical yoga teaching sessions were terrific and terrifying in equal measure.
And today I am tired. 
But happy.
It was a wonderful weekend and I met some fabulous people - I can't wait to see them all again next week.
But back to today, a beautiful sunny summer morning again.
We are winding down for summer at the college where I work and the dress code gets more relaxed by the day.
Fingers crossed that this gorgeous weather remains. 
Got to go now and do my homework.
Happy Monday!

I wore:
Shoes- Clarks
Skirt- Principles
Too - Gap


  1. Happy Monday honey, loving the navy/white and red combo! x

  2. Glad your class went well. You do look happy indeed.


  3. Thats one of my fave skirts of yours :)
    I do hope you have a nice long and warm summer.

  4. It is one my favourite skirts too, looking very summery.

    X x