Saturday, 14 June 2014

A Belated Happy Birthday To My Brown-Eyed Girl


My daughter Briony and brother, John, celebrate their birthdays on June 12.
Here they are together in 2002 when John got married.
Twice since Briony was born in 1997 and during World Cup years, England have played their opening match on their birthdays. 
Sadly, Briony will not be joining us for England's opening match tonight as she is out partying but we did manage a birthday lunch on Thursday at San Carlo's in Liverpool. 

Hope you had a Happy Birthday Briony (and John) and enjoy your night out. 


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter. I think I saw you on Thursday. Liverpool Uni? I only realised afterwards it might have been you, and we were rushing to one of the talks so didn't say hello (if it was you?). x

  2. Hi Jean. Yes I was at the HE event. So sorry I missed you. X

  3. Ahh, lovely photos. Happy birthday to your daughter. xx

  4. Briony is beautiful like her mama!