Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow?

I have booked an appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow.
It may be a trim.
It may be something more drastic.
I have been growing it for nearly a year now and still can't decide whether to pursue one last bid for long hair before I get too old or give it the chop.
When I had my hair in a shorter bob it wasn't any easier to manage. My hair is so fine I have to wash it every day.
Although longer hair means I can wash and blow rather than stop and style I do think my shorter hair looked healthier.
Decisions, decisions.

Today I wore: Shoes - Clarks Jeans and Top - Primark Caridgan - Tesco


  1. What on earth do you mean? You're never too old for long hair!
    Love those shoes and pretty top. x

  2. Ohhh that top is so nice, i like the how the bottom has that shell and i like your hair the way it is although and we sometimes need a change.
    I cut an inch off this morning :)

  3. Trim until you are sure. Years ago when I was working I went short with layers. I've tried on several occasions to grow it out - not real long, more chin length... I give up every time.


  4. I've booked to have mine trimmed the weekend too. That top is lovely.

    X x

  5. Great shoes :D

    I like your hair like this - its soft and pretty! :D I too am trying to grow my hair!!

    Sal x