Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sky Blue Sunday

Did you watch the Champions League Final last night?
Our two youngest watched it with our friends Kev and Denise, their son, Austin and my mum.
A few weeks ago no-one in our  house had a kind word for Chelsea.

Yet last night our family of Reds (Liverpool) became Blues (Chelsea) for the night.
I have to admit it was nowhere on the scale of that day in May 2005 when Liverpool came back from 3-0 down to equalise and eventually won the final on penalties.
That night the whole road was out celebrating, even our chocolate labrador, Harvey did a lap of honour in a Liverpool Scarf.
Last night was nowhere near that day.
But it was fun.
So for one day only here is my celebratory blue tribute.

As for the sun, I am taking advice from Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret, to act as if.

I am acting as if the sun is already out.
Or at least showing off my TK Maxx sun glasses purchase.
Can you  believe they were £74 according to the RRP?
I paid just £7.00 for them.

Come on you sun!

Today I wore:

Boots - Clarks
Leggings - Lytesse
Shirt/tunic - Noa Noa
Cardigan - Tesco


  1. the sunglasses are fab but I'm rather liking those tan boots...... working well in the 'sun' too!!

  2. I'm lusting after those glorious tan boots, I seriously need those beauties in my life! Harvey is gorgeous. xxx

  3. Loving the blue outfit. What a bargain those sunglasses were!

    X x

  4. Your tunic/wrap speaks to me. One of my favorite styles in one of my favorite colors.


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