Friday, 30 December 2011

Radiant Red

"I notice you have been wearing lots of red looks absolutely wonderful on you. Did you get your colours done or are you naturally gravitating to what suits you?" asked Jo, before adding that she was enjoying my red outfits.
I have to confess this was a happy accident.
I had worn red a couple of times in December and couldn't quite work out why some outfits seemed to make me look more alive and brighter while others drained the life out of me.
Then I looked back and noticed that all of my best pictures had one thing in common - I was wearing red.
So Christmas Day I made a conscious effort to wear red and then the next day and then the next day.
I can't say I will always wear red but red has certainly replaced pink in my "get up and give me a lift go - to colour."
What colour always works for you?

Today I wore:
Red/Orange top - Primark
Skirt - Gap,
Boots - Clarks


  1. I've always loved red. Red dresses, red shoes even red lipstick.

    However I'm sad to day the main colour of my wardrobe is black! Due to it being the colour I need for work.

    Play however is red, bright blues greens, the list goes on.....

    X x

  2. I read somewhere that a blog is like a mirror, we get to look at ourselves objectively and get helpful feedback, too. I stopped wearing red back in the 1980s but started wearing it again last year and love it.
    It's definitely your colour! x

  3. Your hair looks great longer and when you wear it up. This style especially looks to have more height. We need pictures of the back! lol

    Elaine xx