Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Holiday 2012

I know it is a long way off but I have just booked our holiday for next summer.
Yet again we are going back to Spain and another campsite on the outskirts of Barcelona.
I just love the city and every time I go I discover something new.
Here is my favourite holiday snap of 2011 - the only photograph of the year which features us all.
As they grow older the annual holiday is the one thing that brings us all together.


  1. What a lovely photo. It's so great you get to take an amazing holiday with your family every year!

  2. What a lovely family! Would love to go to Spain too--I missed it on my last trip to Europe--that was 30 years ago!

  3. eek - Thanks, it is my favourite pic of the year.
    fashionoverfifty - we are lucky to have Barcelona just two hours flight time from us. It is like another world.
    Just thought you might like to know who is in the photo apart from me.
    There's my husband of nearly 23 years.
    Sam who is now 20.
    Joe (next to my husband) is 16.
    Briony is 14.
    Ben (next to me) is 11.

  4. Hopefully you haven't booked via Thomas Cook!!! Joking aside, Ben has grown so much! What a lovely bunch of fellas you've got there...Ciao. A.x PS I love the name Briony. is it of Irish origin?

  5. That's a lovely picture. Nice to have something to look forward to, it makes winter all the more bearable. x