Wednesday, 30 November 2011

December Will Be Magic Again

I have struggled with the thought of Christmas this year.
It was always the most chaotic time in the calendar with carol services, nativities, drinks, parties and the large family meal.
Not to mention the dawn chorus of "Has he been yet?"
Last year was the first Christmas without my dad.
My mum went to stay with my brother and his family.
And we spent Christmas Day with my sister in law and mother in law at a local restaurant.
This year my mum is going away to my brother's again.
My mother in law who suffers from dementia is now in a home and my sister in law will be spending time with her new boyfriend.
After making Christmas Dinner for up to 14 people, this year there will be just six of us.
Our teenagers will probably stay in bed until lunchtime and be itching to get out with their friends by evening.
As my children are all in High School or university there will be no nativity plays, no Carol Services and no Christmas Meal with the mums who I never see at the school gates anymore.
I was feeling down about Christmas until I read eek's Post about a Christmas Journal.
I used to scrapbook a lot but ran out of time.
I realised that I would have more time this Christmas and that I could put it to good use by remembering Christmases Past in the Christmas Present.
After reading this I began to feel excited about Christmas again and I decided to set up a blog to chronicle the Journal.
My Christmas celebrations began with making some Christmas decorations from an old shirt of my fathers - this was one way I could include him in the Christmas festivities.
I also made a couple for my mother too and she was very touched.
I have no idea how this Christmas will pan out by I believe very strongly that December will be magic again.

Today I wore:
A red dress to celebrate Christmas.
Boots - Clarks
Dress & Shirt - Tesco


  1. That's so beautiful, Jane. Such a sweet idea to remember your dad. For some reason I cannot leave a comment on your Xmas journal. Have a nice day. Ciao. A.x

  2. What a wonderful idea, to honor your Christmases and your father. I hope your December is filled with magic.