Saturday, 12 February 2011

My Capsule Feb 14th - Feb 18th

And here we are again.
I know my wardrobe is not very imaginative this time but I plead academic woes.
This week I am not teaching but have to write up my research project as part of my PGCE studies.
For those who are interested, my project was to test the theory that an author visit can raise literacy skills equivalent to a term's work.
In order to do this I have had to mark two sets of papers - one before an author visit and one after.
I have also had to compile a literature review and some research stuff that I am still not too sure about.
It will mean lots of hot vimto, screwed up pieces of paper and night-time visits to the university library to get it done.
I need to be warm, comfortable and dressed quickly.

So here it is.
The capsule to get me through 5,000 words.
1. Shirt (Zara)
2. Tunic (Dorothy Perkins)
3. Blazer (Zara)
4. Cardigan (Tesco)
5. Martha Jeans (Top Shop)
6. Black Dress ( Marks and Spencer)
7. Black long sleeve t-shirt (Primark)
8. Black ankle boots (Clarks)
9. Black boots (Dorothy Perkins)
10. Black ballerina shoes (Clarks)


  1. Looks like some awesome new pieces, Jane! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Good luck with the work - sounds like a lot of extra for you.

  2. You've got some wonderful patterns in here. I'm looking forward to seeing you put these together.

  3. I'm selecting mine today!! Have to fit in a party on Friday night - a fashion on at that too xx

  4. simple and yet so affective!!

  5. YAY!
    I had been waiting for this capsule and now it creeped up on me !