Thursday, 17 February 2011

Capsule Wardrobe Day Four

It's the fourth day and over the half-way point.
I'm glad to see everyone is rising to the challenge and no drop-outs so far.
Talking of contenders.
I can see 14 of us so far.
Hope I haven't missed anyone out - let me know if I have.
1. Meli
2. Kasmira
3. Franca
4. Cara
5. Sheila
6. Biba
7. laniza
8. Kate
9. Fi
10. Lorena
11. Lyddie
12. Emma
13. Tess
14. Madam Owl

Today I wore:
Jeans - Top Shop
Boots - Clarks
T-shirt - Primark
Cardigan - Tesco
Scarf & Belt - Gift


  1. My outfit is similar today, but I really like how your scarf is draped better than mine! :)

  2. Love your belted scarf. It makes me want a large scarf like that.

  3. Hello,

    I'm participating but I forgot to comment saying so. Sorry! I've got the pictures on my blog and in flickr. I'll email you a collage of all 5 at the end.


  4. Ooh, I like the belted scarf - very cute. I bet it was nice and warm too.

  5. This is a look I've never tried...I may try to do this the next time around.

  6. I love belted scarfs - it just takes on the look of being a top. Fab!

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. I'm participating too :) I'll be emailing the outfits by the end of the challenge :D