Thursday, 21 January 2010

To Monetise Or Not To Monetise?

By popular request here's a picture of my new haircut.
Thank You so much for all your suggestions which helped make up my mind.
I will be back to regular blogging on February 1st but before I start afresh I want to put another proposal forward.
To monetise or not to monetise my blog? - that is the question.
As I reported before Christmas I had an interview for a place on a Post Graduate Teaching Certificate course.
The good news is that despite the fierce competition I was offered a place.
The bad news is that I will not be earning for a year and on top of that I will have to pay course fees of more than £3,000.
I have been approached my a few companies to offer competitions and I was thinking of offering advertising space for a fee.
However, the success of my blog is all down to my regular readers so I would like to consult you.
Here is just one approach I have had from LuShae Jewelry and I am being totally honest here.
For every 30 people who visit the site from here I have been offered a cash sum.
It is tempting but I don't want to put you all off.
If you can spare the time let me know what you think.
See you soon.


  1. So glad to see you are back - even if just for a day !
    Your haircut looks great and the scarf dress is l o v e l y.
    Personally I see nothing wrong with monetizing your blog - I think it's flattering to know that you get all this traffic and that you can make some $ out of it...

  2. I miss you... great to see you again. I lvoe your new haircut. It frames your face beautifully.

    I find nothing wrong with monetizing your blog. It's your blog and you can do anything. xoxo

  3. Go for it, girl. One has to eat, drink, and study, right?

    P.S.: Great look - outfit & hair!

  4. Congratulations on being accepted!

    Monetize? Go for it!

    Your hair looks beautiful, and I LOVE the outfit. : )

  5. Love your haircut! Sounds like you've got great plans for the year and I see nothing wrong with advertising if you like.

  6. I say Go For It too, just keep the ad placement reasonable so that your site doesn't look like the Blackpool Illuminations. Giveaways are probably a very popular way to attract new readers too. Personally, I'd also be inclined to only accept advertisers which appeal to your own sense of style - but why not give it a whirl and see what happens?

  7. Nothing wrong with earning a few $$ while blogging - it's great that you can do so!

    Love the new do!

  8. I'm in - it's doesn't cost me anything, and it benefits you!

    Love the dress and the hair!

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  10. Love the new Hair .. Gorgeous!

    I say go for it as it doesnt cost us byt helps you

  11. Honestly don't worry about it - you need to assist yourself during your studies. I've had a my-wardrobe ad on my website for same reason. I get a % of sales but seriously this is a rare occurrence!(Come on you buggers buy via my blog!!)
    It is fine to use your site to gain financially to support yourself - it won't detract from your writing.

  12. I say go for it! :)

    Love the dress and haircut. Can I please have those boots in my size thank you ;)

    can't wait for you to return to bloggin!

  13. I have followed you from afar for some time now. I admire your style,your honesty and your writing. You obviously put effort, time and energy into it...if you had put the same time into a newspaper column, article, whatever, then you would expect to be paid. The corollary seems obvious to me.
    I dislike and rarely bookmark sites that have heavy ads as the layout seems to obscure the writing- but I think you will be able to judge the balance. I like in-text links that I can open in a new tab if I choose.
    Best of luck with this new addition- I will continue to follow in any case.

  14. Goodness, yes - go for it, Jane!
    Sorry I don't visit to comment much anymore, but I'm still peeking at all your posts via my Google feed. Because you are one classy blogger, lady! :-)

  15. Monetize your little heart out - you deserve to make some money with all the work you put into blogging!
    Ahem, would you please, please post where you bought that fantastic dress - I'm absolutely dying for one!!

  16. Jane,
    Been reading your blog for quite a while now, and have been thankful you stop in when I update mine.

    That will not change with you getting some ad dollars. You are still the awesome you!

  17. Hi Jane, great look, love the hairdo. We are so bombarded by ads that I got used not to pay attention to them anymore. So go for it, I won't even notice! Great news about the course place. Ciao. A.

  18. Goodness, yes - go for it, Jane!
    Sorry I don't visit to comment much anymore, but I'm still peeking at all your posts via my Google feed. Because you are one classy blogger, lady! :-)