Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Magical Mystery Tour

Let me share my Sunday morning magical, mystery ride with you.
It was a lovely morning and I decided to cycle to my 10am appointment.
This track is just a few hundred yards from my house.

It's a long traffic free cycle path which runs alongside the Liverpool to Southport railway line.

The paths takes me across the River Alt.
Just look at those clouds reflected on the water.

The end of the track brings me to the village of Hightown.
This is the road of old fishermen's cottages where my husband used to live when I first met him.

At the end of Hightown village is another path which runs alongside Liverpool Bay.

At the end of this track is Crosby Coastguard station where I have to leave and ride on some real road.

And here I am, 34 minutes and and six miles later just in time for my 10am Ashtanga Class which was jwonderful.
And I didn't pass one moving car all the way here.


  1. How blessed you are, Sweetie! X

  2. It does look wonderful and what a beautiful blue sky, too. x

  3. A lovely journey, how great to have all that on your doorstep. xxx

  4. You have no idea how lucky you are ! it was great taking this ride with you.

  5. I really enjoyed the views! What a wonderful place to ride, so much better than those narrow bike lanes marked off beside a whole lot of traffic.


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