Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Saturday Night

We invited friends round to  brighten up the January gloom.
We added some sunshine with a Greek Night.
My Vegetarian Moussaka was a triumph if I do say so myself.
My dress wasn't very Greek but I was so thrilled to fit back into this dress I couldn't wait to wear it again.
I don't want to bore anyone but since opting for a dry January I have lost 4 pounds.
I think that this may indicate just how many calories of wine I was consuming.
I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Dress - Marks and Spencer


  1. Well done you! Dress looks lovely. Sadly I rarely drink so there is no hope for me! x

  2. The dress is lovely and you look gorgeous. Ah, wine ... :)

  3. It is a beautiful dress Jane! Worth for every party and not only in January.
    Spring will come, hopefully soon!

  4. Gorgeous frock.
    I must confess I'd rather have the wine and not worry about the 4lbs, but that's me! xxx

  5. Attractive dress and it is nice to see "legs" in this season of tights or warm pants. Funny how just 4 pounds can make the difference in a dress being wearable or not isn't it?


  6. Jane you look lovely, like a doll. It's a beautiful dress.

  7. Wow, congrats! Just goes to show how little we think about the calories we are drinking! The dress looks great on you.
    Chic on the Cheap

  8. I'm doing Dry January and I've also lost 4 pounds! You look amazing in this dress. Lynne x

  9. Cute dress!

  10. Fab dress! Hope you're enjoying your blog break, I know I did! x

  11. Congrats on losing four pounds. Mmmmm, Greek night sounds great, I adore Greek food! Have a lovely weekend :-)

  12. Jane, you look absolutely stunning! It's a gorgeous dress and isn't that amazing about the wine...just shows you how in an already slim person, it can make a difference giving it up! Well done you. Missing your blog - hope everything is ok with you. I'm guessing it's the usual busy busy January and the dreary weather! Avril x

  13. Thanks for the lovely comments.
    I have a post lined up for February 11th.
    And then I will be away for a while.
    Hopefully, normal service will be resumed in March.