Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Ebay Clearout

Yes, it's that time of year for a clearout.
Spring Cleaning.
I have been ruthless this time.
Anything that I don't love or which doesn't love me is out.
I have also been clearing my sons rooms and threw a few things out there too.
So far I have filled three bin bags for the charity shops and there will be more to come too.
If you fancy taking a look then click onto the Toast coat which should link to my other items.

As it's the Easter holidays and I have four children and a poorly husband to look after I will be having a  break from posting.
See you on the 15th.


  1. You are so organized and clever. Selling on eBay seems beyond me.


  2. How busy you are! Good luck with the ebay selling.

  3. good for you! I totally need a clear out too.
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. I love the feeling when you have got ride of all the things that you don't really like - and it leaves room for new items that you like! :-) Have a nice Easter holiday!

  5. Wow that cetainly is a clear out! well done you!! x

  6. You are GOOD JAne ! wow over 30 pieces out of your closet in the blink if an eye is quite impressive.
    AS you know i take forever :)

  7. I have my eye on something Jane! Am watching so maybe I'll win it! Hope you have a successful sale. My stuff all finished yesterday and was posted off today. The new postal rates are awful - I ended up being short and having to cover off about £3 myself. So annoying but at least everything sold. Ax