Saturday, 3 September 2011

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Postponed

I apologise for the dearth of posts and comments but life has been full-on with family and my new job.
I have managed to flick around and catch up with everyone on my blog roll but I am sorry if I haven't left a comment.
For the next few weeks I need to focus on my work and have decided to post a weekly round-up instead of a daily post.
As for the questions about Roofball - it is a game where between two and as many players as you want take it in turns to hit a ball with their hand onto a roof and let it bounce back onto the floor.
The idea is you have to hit the ball on the roof within one bounce.
When there are many players each player takes a turn.
Each player has five lives and when they have used them all up they are out.
I do hope to create a new Capsule Wardrobe Challenge before Christmas but please bear with me.
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Hopefully a busy life means a happy life! And maybe I"ll be able to participate in the challenge once it's rescheduled!

  2. Life is more important than blogs! Hopefully I can do the challenge when you are ready. Take care!

  3. I totally understand you. My summer has been so wrapped up in my family and work too and I fear autumn won't less busy. I'd be interested to know about your job, though, when you've got a bit of time. All the best. Ciao. A.x

  4. I've been busy too, so I can understand. Hope my life calms down enough that I can participate in the challenge when the time comes.

  5. I'm actually glad it's postponed, I hope I'll be able to participate later in the year. Enjoy your new job!

  6. Same as Mojca, I am glad it was postponed.... seems we are all crazy busy!

  7. Cool outfits, love the brown boots... I think I like the middle outfit the best.

  8. Love these outfits!


  9. Tell me about it! I even forgot about the challenge due to the day to day demands of back to school! So sorry!! xx